HOYLE® Waterproof Playing Cards

Take your card games to the great outdoors!

Waterproof and washable, yet easy to shuffle and deal! These clear plastic cards are ideal for camping, picnics, the pool, the beach, or even kids eating peanut butter sandwiches!

HOYLE® has developed the perfect deck of cards for playing just about anywhere that would be impossible with ordinary paper cards. The clear plastic cards are a familiar, standard size and are easy to shuffle and deal – even when they’re wet!

Clear playing cards? Sounds like seeing another player’s hand should be easy, right? But HOYLE® cards are cleverly designed so the number and face of each card are in opaque areas on the edges and center. The fonts and suits are large and easy to read, too.

  • A unique durable finish resists scratches and scuffs.
  • Can handle water, sand, mud, barbecue sauce, salad dressing, you name it.
  • Just wipe them clean and they’re ready to play.
  • The deck includes a sturdy clear travel case. Take your game on the road!

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Playing Cards today!

waterproof game image