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"Kids ages 4 to 6 will squeal with delight while my game teaches them to count by fives and tens!”

I don’t mean to hog all the credit, but my game is a Gold Seal winner at teaching kids ages 4-6 how to add and subtract by fives and tens. Okay, maybe the folks at HOYLE® helped a little too. You see, Piggy Bank is so easy to learn and so much fun, kids have no idea they’re gaining valuable math skills.

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Fish Clock Image Make another player break the bank and you win the hand!

The goal of my game is to force another player to ‘break the bank’ by putting too many coins inside the piggy.

Played by 2 to 4 players, each game starts by drawing a Piggy Bank card that sets the limit of coins the bank will hold for that hand. In the example below, the Piggy Bank limit is 25 coins. After being dealt five coin cards, the players take turns adding cards to a growing Discard pile until one player is forced to go over the piggy bank’s limit. In the sequence below it looks like the next player will be forced to break the bank’s limit of 25 coins.

But there are some surprises in store… the Pig Out and Oink-Oink cards.

Pig Out and Oink-Oink Cards add excitement--and more learning!

Card Image “The Pig Out card advances the running total up to the number on the Piggy Bank card. But the Oink-Oink card reduces the number of coin cards played to zero—starting the sequence all over again. The repetition reinforces the counting by fives and tens without being tedious.

Hang on to your gold coins to win!”

Card Image At the beginning of the game, 18 gold coins are divided among the players. Each time a player breaks the bank, they lose a gold coin. When one player has lost all their gold coins, the player with the most coins left is the winner.

Level Two makes subtraction fun!

Most parents introduce kids to Level One playing open handed. Before long, they catch on and the fun becomes full boar, as it were. In Level Two, players try not go below zero as they play their coin cards—and practice subtraction in the process. Level Two keeps kids interested in learning once they’ve mastered addition. Even older siblings can join in the fun.

Check out my cool, interactive features!

The interactive features at the top of this page will show you even more about my game. Once you’ve looked it over, I think you’ll be sure of this: When it comes to teaching kids to count by fives and tens, Piggy Bank brings home the bacon. And it’s available at a very tasty price.

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  • 18 Cards
  • 18 Coins
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
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Contents Game

Piggy Bank is a Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient